Dental terminology

buccal: toward the cheek
distal: most distant from the median line of the arch
labial: pertaining to or around the lip
lingual: pertaining to or around the tongue
mesial: nearer the center of the dental arch
occlusal: pertaining to the biting surfaces of the premolar and molar teeth
palatal: side of a tooth adjacent to the palate
vestibular: surface of a tooth that is directed toward the vestibule of the mouth
cervical: surface above the junction of the root of the tooth
approximal: points of contact between adjacent teeth


f = fehlt
c = Karies
z = zerstört
x = extraktionswürdig

e = ersetzt
k = Krone
pk = Teilkrone
b = Brückenglied

t = Teleskop
h = Halteelement (Klammer)
o = Geschiebe
i = Implantat