My first dentist appointment

Dear parents,

Before you come to our practice with your children, here’s some information to help you and your children make your first visit to the dentist a happy occasion.

  • Come to the practice rested and relaxed. When making an appointment, make sure that the appointment fits into your daily rhythm and is not, for example, when you usually put your child to bed.
  • Make sure that the day you visit the dentist is otherwise free of stress.
  • Arouse your child’s curiosity about the upcoming “visit to the dentist” event.
  • Avoid phrases such as “Don’t be afraid” or “It won’t hurt”.
  • The treatment team proceeds step by step to gently introduce your child to the treatment situation.
  • Bring patience along with you. Treatments for children are somewhat more time-consuming because less is done per session than for adults. In most cases, several appointments are necessary in order to build trust, among other things.
  • Praise your child after the treatment!
  • Please don’t promise any gifts as a reward. Especially things that your child may wish for very much put your child under too much pressure during the treatment.

Together we will make your child’s visit to the dentist a pleasurable experience. We look forward to you and your children!

Dr Leonie Brolund

When should my child go to the dentist for the first time?

Please come to us with your child as soon as all eight front teeth have broken through or when your child is about eight months old. The first session is primarily a general consultation appointment as well as to get the child used to us and to the half-yearly check-up.

1. appointment: 6th–8th month
2. appointment: 16th–18th month
3. appointment: ca. 30th month

From the 30th month onwards, quarterly to half-yearly check-ups are recommended.