Why is the prophylaxis (= prevention of diseases) so important?

Healthy teeth and healthy gums a whole lifetime

With proper dental care, everyone can achieve this goal. Regular brushing alone is usually not enough. Even with diligent care, not all of the plaque in the niches and interdental spaces is reached. For this reason, along with regular dental care at home, we offer an individually tailored prophylaxis programme for optimal prevention in our dental practice.

The aim of this treatment is:

  • Prevention of dental and gum disease (caries and periodontal disease)
  • Prevention of costly and protracted treatments
  • Increased well-being by having clean teeth

With targeted prevention, you can play an active role in ensuring that your teeth look well looked after and natural and that they are protected against caries and periodontitis on a long-term basis.

One of the most important preventative treatments that we offer in our dental practice is the professional medical cleaning of teeth. In this process, all hard and soft plaque on all visible and accessible tooth surfaces is gently removed using special instruments.
This is particularly effective for cleaning areas that are difficult or impossible to reach during everyday dental cleaning at home.
The thorough scraping of plaque and calculus reduces acid attacks and thus reduces the risk of tooth decay. Furthermore, the penetration of toxins, which are also produced by bacteria in the oral cavity, into the gums is reduced and is therefore the first step for treating and preventing gingivitis and periodontitis.
Our dental hygienist will provide you with detailed information about the prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis and will also advise you in detail on which tools are optimal for your dental care at home.

Many disease-associated risks (such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease) are significantly reduced by the prevention of periodontal disease.
Prophylaxis is particularly important during pregnancy, as it can reduce the risk of premature birth.

Professional tooth cleaning at a glance

  • Highlighting of dental plaque
  • Instructions for proper oral hygiene
  • Periodontitis risk test with measurement of the periodontal pockets
  • Complete removal of all hard and soft deposits on the teeth and clinically reachable root surfaces
  • Intense cleaning and processing of the clinically reachable surfaces of teeth roots using instruments, scraping of the plaque from the gum pockets and interdental spaces
  • Removal of superficial stains (caused by e.g. coffee, tea, nicotine)
  • Gentle polishing of teeth
  • Local fluoridation to improve the quality of the enamel and root cement

The scope of the prophylactic treatment always depends on your individual needs