Professional prophylaxis for children

How can children's teeth be protected?

The aim of our work is to prevent tooth damage from occurring in the first place. We have developed a professional and customised preventive programme to do so.

Our prophylactic measures for children include:

  • the consultation and motivation for dental hygiene; making the plaque visible through organic dye
  • practicing proper dental care in the practice, (Please bring along the child’s toothbrush, if possible!)
  • Checking the success of the dental care
  • strengthening the enamel by means of fluoridation
  • Food advice
  • Assessment of the individual risk of caries

Professional prophylaxis for children should be repeated every four months up until the age of 14.

Prophylaxis at home

What can you do at home?

As soon as the first tooth is broken through, you should start with brushing tooth.
Please brush your children’s teeth once a day until they are three years old and twice a day when they are from four to six years old with children’s toothpaste (reduced fluoride content 500 ppm). From the age of seven, children can brush their teeth with a junior toothpaste with normal fluoride content (1,000–1,450 ppm) or an adult toothpaste with fluoride.

  • Your child should brush its teeth according to how it has been explained and practiced at the dental surgery.
  • Parents of children from age six to eight should do a follow-up brushing.
  • Pay attention to a balanced nutrition. Sweets are not generally a complete taboo, but should be enjoyed in a controlled manner.
  • Do not give your child any sweet drinks – water is the best thirst quencher.