Icon-Methode: Caries treatment without drilling

Carious tooth damage is among the most common affection in the dental field. It is caused by bacterial plaque. Tooth decay leads to a breakdown of minerals from the enamel. The consequence is a cavity, a “hole” in the tooth. If not treated, tooth decay can lead to tooth loss.

After intensive research at the Charité hospital in Berlin and in cooperation with Kiel University, a method for caries therapy was devised that is based on the principle of pain-free and micro-invasive caries infiltration.

The process of caries infiltration is as follows: the surface of the tooth is gently and painlessly pre-treated with a special gel, thereby opening the pores of the tooth enamel. The pore system of the carious tooth enamel is subsequently filled in with a specific synthetic material. With this caries infiltration, a stop is put to the destruction of the tooth substance and the defect in the tooth is repaired.

The surface of the treated tooth is similar to natural tooth enamel. Another advantage is that by closing the pore system of the tooth, harmful acids can no longer penetrate into the tooth.

The new method makes the drill superfluous and is therefore relatively painless for the person concerned, meaning that usually no anaesthesia is required. Occasionally, the patient might feel a slight pressure pain during treatment.

The icon method is especially suitable to use in the gaps between teeth, which are particularly vulnerable to caries.

The caries infiltration cannot be applied in every case. An exact diagnosis must take place beforehand.

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