CEREC all-ceramic

Tooth restoration of the latest generation

High-quality dental prosthesis is no longer produced exclusively in dental laboratories anymore. The CEREC method (CEramic ReConstruction) enables us in our practice to fabricate metal-free ceramic prostheses (inlays, partial crowns and crowns) directly and without cast, in one session.
Controlled by computer, high-precision workpieces are produced that adapt perfectly to your natural teeth in form and colour.

How does CEREC AC work?

After a substance-preserving preparation of the tooth, a three-dimensional image is taken with a special camera, the CEREC Bluecam. The new restoration is then constructed virtually on the computer in your presence with support of the biogeneric software.
The data is transmitted to a grinding machine that cuts the high-quality denture out of a ceramic block within minutes.
After reviewing the fit and accuracy on the tooth, we carefully agglutinate the finished restoration with the tooth.
You can eat and drink again immediately after the treatment.

Advantages of the CEREC process:

  • No dental casts necessary
  • High durability
  • Preservation of the healthy hard tooth matter
  • Tooth-coloured, perfect aesthetics
  • Biocompatible dental ceramics (no allergies)
  • Completion in just one session