The term aesthetics derives from the Greek aisthesis, which means perception, feeling, sensation, recognition, understanding.
Aesthetics is the principle of perception and harmony in nature and art.
It is an analysis of beauty that seeks to capture and represent pleasing things that are engaging to the senses.
Aesthetics is the result of sensory impressions that are felt individually, but hold appeal to the public as a whole.
Aesthetics has no standard, yet is influenced by current events, e.g. by trends or fashion.

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Beautiful teeth represent health and a sense of well-being.
An attractive smile is a decisive factor for private and professional success.

Aesthetics play a highly important role in dentistry. First and foremost, it is our dental task to medically improve teeth and to see oral health as part of the whole body and restore nature to near perfection.

By using modern technology and tooth-friendly methods, there are numerous ways to incorporate improvements and reconstructions of teeth today both in aesthetical and functional terms.
Yet aesthetic dentistry also deals with the beautification of teeth and gums. Discolouration can be lightened or coated with veneers. Chipped teeth can be restored and gaps between teeth closed. The preservation of the patients’ teeth is always the prime objective here.

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